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Grief & Guts

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 Your Dream
Life Is Possible


and you are so worthy of it


Meet the Host

When Melissa Dlugolecki lost her daughter Leyden, in a case termed a catastrophe, she didn't want to live.... nevermind love life, again.

As a bereaved mother, when Melissa lost my daughter Leyden, she never thought she would be happy again. Melissa felt guilty when she started to smile.

As a former educator, Melissa felt trapped by the politics, paperwork and constricting schedule of the education system.

Yet after building a 7-figure business, traveling the world, launching a podcast, writing a book (more to come) and coaching thousands of individuals, she have found one thing to be true for all of us….

We have the power to create our own happiness, regardless of circumstance. And there are certain processes and strategies effective in doing so.


It’s not just a “think positive” method or a “go harder” approach. I intertwine a dance of intangibles around our energy management with tangibles such as action steps, communication strategies and ways to feel our best.


Growth isn't always forward progress. It's messy. It's hard. But it is worth it. And while you work your way to whatever goal you are pursuing, just keep showing up. Life is too short to feel stuck.


Angie Lee

"Melissa is the embodiment of GRIT. Not only is she one of the most tenacious & loving women I've ever worked with, but she's the definition of STRENGTH.

The moment I met her I knew her mission was unwavering. Her work will not only shake you to your core but also wake you up to your own grit. It will remind you of your own strength, on the days you want to quit.... a beautiful reminder to keep going, no matter what life throws at you."


Gerard Adams

You will embark on a journey of healing and learning a proven path to turning your pain into your purpose so that you can use your story to change lives, too. I truly believe Leyden chose Melissa to be a vessel for her life’s purpose.


Even though Leyden’s life here on Earth was for a very short time, her spirit has become an infinite beacon of light that will continue to transform lives forever. If you are looking for your shift right now to create a more meaningful, abundant, and impactful life, let this be your guide.


Branden Collinsworth

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Grief and Guts Is For Anyone Navigating....


Aging Parents




Empty Nest

Fertility Journey

Job Loss



Relationship Ending


The loss of sense of self


The loss of life envisioned


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