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I'm Melissa and I am so grateful you have joined this journey!

Me? Pretty healthy, with a chance of nachos. A user of many words
(passion?) and even more cayenne. I am a little obsessed with matcha.
And Very obsessed with empowering others to feel their best, most confident, clear, selves.

I ditched scales, acne, anxiety meds, calorie counting, and yo-yo dieting by healing
my own gut. I lost and kept off a lot more energy. Beyond my belly, in my heart. I left
the 9-5 "should" life to pursue my passion and discovered I didn't have to wake up every day worried, stressed, anxious, or fearful. And I freed myself from a long history of seeking perfection and approval of *everyone* Bye-Bye unwinnable quests!

It is with both heartache and pride that I credit one beautiful soul for all these life changes- my curious, strong, resilient, loving, and snuggly, daugther Leyden.

Motherhood rocked my world.
Grief shattered it.

After her unexpected passing at the age of four months, I found myself facing devastating and overwhelming adversity. I found that the function when broken, I needed to be really smart with resources-energy, fuel, emotions, and more. I became fascinated by this and studied relentlessly. After realizing how misinformed we are as a society. I sought to apply my leadership, education, and coaching background to guide others to rewrite their scripts, to author their stories
with more joy and more fulfillment.

Melissa Dlugolecki.


  • Co-founder elevate.

  • Co-founder 90DAYCEO

  • Master Neuro-Linguistic Programmer

  • Certified Yoga Instructor 

  • Emotional Intelligence Training Graduate

  • Served over 1200 clients

  • 16 years of coaching experience

  • Certified Life Coach

  • Holistic Remedies Certified

  • Mindfulness Certification

  • Public Speaker 

  • Certified Teacher, MA

  • Certified Master Athletic Administrator

  • Mother

  • Compassionate, Empathetic, Driven, (Occasionally Sarcastic) Human 

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