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I have always loved to speak. I have mastered (on paper and in real life) the art of teaching. And I have a passion and authentic ability to communicate with diverse stakeholders and audiences. My mission is to allow my experience and message to complement the framework of your goals. There is no denying the impact live events and story sharing can have and it is an honor to be able to share with thousands of others to inspire, empower and impact.

Yoga Reaches Out

Mind Body Tribe Experience

Boston Children's Hospital Fundraising Brunch

Melissa was an absolute pleasure to work with and a perfect addition to our event. She spoke beautifully and from the heart; capturing the audience and making a massive impact while on stage. What was even more impressive than her speaking, the fact that she stayed after to engage with every participant, answer questions, and fully connect with each and every person who approached her. Melissa spoke so openly and with incredible poise on a topic that most have trouble even relating to, yet she couldn’t have possibly been more real and relatable. We were all blown away not just by her words, but her intention, mission, and professionalism."

- Jacqui Bonwell

It was such a pleasure working with Melissa throughout this year’s event.  She is responsive, open to new ideas, and extremely thoughtful in everything she does.  Melissa has an amazing story and she continues to make a tremendous impact on the work we do at Boston Children’s Hospital.  We were so lucky to have Melissa speak, she captured an audience of 1,200+ and was able to bring our mission and the work we do to life.  In addition, she was able to connect with many participants and guests throughout the day and helped make the day a memorable experience.  Melissa is dynamic and would be a wonderful addition to any team or event."

- Mark Elbach

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